Alegren Productions 

Alegren Productions is an international production company based in Stockholm, Sweden. We make art- and independent film for a broader audience. We are daring, passionate and dedicated in every single step of the process. And yeah, we like to bring a little bit of charm and magic everywhere we go and in everything we do.



In 2014 Alexandra Alegren started working at a Swedish independent production company where she learned the basics of film production. She worked in the company until 2015 when she was offered the lead in Isabella Carbonell´s film Maniacs (Swedish title Galningarna). Wanting to take the next step in her career, she asked if she could produce the film as well as act in it. The film was a great success, premiering at Sweden´s biggest film festival, Gothenburg International Film Festival.


Alexandra has since then produced Isabella Carbonell´s HITGIRL (2017) and Emelia Hansson´s film Mayfly in 2018 (Swedish title Dagslända). Mayfly was co-produced with Way Creative Films and won one of Sweden´s biggest and most prestigious film awards in April 2018 - Pixel Talent Award. In March 2018 Alexandra joined forces with project manager Maria Karpathakis and production coordinator Anna Lott. Together they formed a company and Alegren Productions expanded and found its true form.

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